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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

BENTO HUNT ALERT : On our new site, this little Onigiri has lost his way.

Be the first person to find him and win this Flower River Bento Set with its matching Thermos bottle and the Bento Picks – School Bus worth a total of 41,47€ / $60.97.

To enter the Bento Hunt Contest, simply send us an email indicating the product page where you have found the Onigiri image at bentochannel (at) casabento (.) com

The winner will be randomly selected from all the entrants to be announced on video on 23 of June 2011 French time. You have till the 22nd of June 2011 midnight French time to participate.

Let the hunt begin! :)

Contest: Via Col Bento!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Via Col Bento! Allow us to introduce two lovely ladies who are passionate about bento and cuisine: Kitty’s Kitchen and Semplicemente Pepe Rosa! Our lady friends who planned this exciting event hope that this contest will invite people from Italy as well as the rest of the world to discover what bento means.

concours de bento casabentoThis contest is open to everybody!

Summer has shone and it’s time to pack it up for sun dresses, sandals, pretty picnics and a plethora of perfect lunches! Say goodbye to unhealthy fast food and go bento! Plan your own lunch at home and have a real meal…VIA COL Bento!

Here’s how to participate in the VIA COL BENTO contest:

  • Step 1: Prepare a bento recipe or a recipe for meals that can be easily prepared in a plastic, wood or glass box.
  • Step 2: Take a picture of your bento in your office, at the university, during tea with kids in the afternoon or a photo of your lovely Sunday family picnic.

We hope to collect a maximum of recipes and we will share them with you.

The winner of the contest will receive a wonderful bento set sponsored by CasaBento.

Prize #A : Cheri Circle 3 Piece Bento Box (red)Cheri 2 Oval Tier Bento Box (red)Cheri Bento Thermal Box (red)Bento Baran Divider Sheets Reusable (Panda Word)Bento Decoration Picks (Rainbow Daisies)Bento Japan Instant Onigiri Mold Simple.

Prize #B : Edge Square XL Bento Box (pink)Edge Cube Bento Thermal Bag (pink)Edge Chopsticks and Case (pink)Bento Decoration Picks (Hana)Bento Bread Sandwich Cutters Japan x 3 (Rabbit, Sakura, Bear).

lots du concours de bento casabento

Rules of the contest

If you have a blog: Post a recipe on your blog with the logo of the contest and add a link on your blog to one of these two blogs: Kitty’s Kitchen or Semplicemente Pepe Rosa. If you wish, you can put the logo of the contest in the side bar of your blog (thank you). Then, leave us a comment on one of the two Italian blogs and do not forget to add a link to your recipe.

If you do not have a blog: Send an e-mail of your recipe with a picture or if you prefer, you can publish a post on your Flickr or Facebook page mentioning our contest and send us the link at this address: elisaceccuzzi(at)fastwebnet(dot)it

Attention! Do not send us recipes that are already online!

You can send us only one recipe by person.

CasaBento, Elisa and Carolina will select two winners (one per blog). The grand finale will end with all the best bentos being published on CasaBento’s platforms: BentoChannel and Facebook.

A tip: Try to focus on the description of your recipe or on the presentation… or both, of course! ;)

… Because there is always a reason to make a bento!

CasaBento – Mini Tumbler Apple

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

If you are looking for original tumblers, CasaBento is the place to be !

We know you love new products and like we do, wouldn’t you love the new collection of tumblers : the Mini Tumbler Apple !

Their Mod-Inspired apple designs blend in with R&B or jazz coffee bars themed evenings.


Fill it with hot chocolate. Anything that’s warm and chocolate.

Sip a good fragrant coffee wherever, whenever.

Create time for yourself, enjoy a tea infusion.


Our Mini Apple Thermos will match perfectly with Unit Colors or Kyoto bento boxes, and there are three different colors to choose from!

Always bringing you quality products, our collection of Mini Tumblers Apple are made in Japan.


CasaBento – Mini Tumbler Moi

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Dear Customers,

We at CasaBento are pleased to present to you a brand new collection of tumblers: the Mini Tumbler Moi

Our Mini Moi Tumblers feature lovely gingham patterns and are available in six different colors. Just the right size and easy to hold, you can now sip your coffee, tea or hot chocolate every morning while you are working in front of your computer or reading a good book on your bed during quiet evenings. You can even prepare hot soup and have it from your Mini Moi Tumbler. The Mini Moi Tumbler keeps drinks hot up to 2 hours.

casabento-mini-tumbler-moiThese tumblers are delightful! They remind us of a mixture between pretty crafts and country chic and when life should be simple and sweet.


We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.


CasaBento: Valentine’s Day special package

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Dear Customers,

CasaBento has decided to create a special package to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As we are also in the year of the rabbit, we have selected a pink rabbit shaped bento box. For only 15€!!!

This package contains:
- The rabbit Kokoro bento box
- The package of 8 picks Usagi Flags
- The package of 2 picks Zoo
- The package of 16 divider sheets Rainbow

Available until the 15th February 2011.


Valentine’s Day Contest – Votes

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

CasaBento is pleased to announce that we received so many pictures for our contest. It was difficult to choose. But, we have finally selected 8 pictures.

You can vote for your favorite one on our Facebook page until Thursday 6pm (GMT +1).

10-casabento-valentin 11-casabento-valentin
12-csabento-valentin 13-casabento-valentin
14-casabento-valentin 18-casabento-valentin
19-casabento-valentin 20-casabento-valentin

CasaBento is the bento shop with the biggest choice of bento boxes and the best price.

New at CasaBento!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that parcels will be shipped at the EVERYWHERE LIGHT rate of 3.99 euros for all countries.

shipping rate casabento

Take a look at this table for more details.

Countries Orders <10 €
Ordres >10€ Delivery Time
France 3,99 €


FREE for orders above 75€

2-3 days
Europe, UK
3,99 €
2-3 days
Asia, Australasia
3,99 €
5-8 days
USA, Canada 3,99 € 11€
5-8 days
Other countries
3,99 €
5-8 days

Visit CasaBento and enjoy all our produts.

It’s still Christmas at CasaBento!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011


You can see all the pictures we received during our Christmas Contest 2010 on our Facebook page. Comment and take inspiration from all those beautiful creations.

If you want to participate to another contest, we will organise a new one very soon… =)

Unit Colors Bento Boxes

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Do you know the Unit Colors Collection? You can’t miss these new fashion bento boxes!


Today, we are going to discover the new Unit Colors Bento Box Collection. Those boxes are very handy with their three compartments. Thanks to them you can have healthy and varied lunches everywhere. There is even enough space for the greedy ones to put a snack! This is THE model you all need and it costs only $29.19.

unit_colors_5-150x150 unit_colors_6-150x150
unit_colors_7-150x150 unit_colors_3-150x150

As you know, CasaBento offers the largest choice of bento boxes and accessories. Among the 34 different Unit Colors models, you will obviously find the one for you. If you’re looking for something modern or fashionable, CasaBento is the only place you’ll find it.


The Unit Colors boxes are 17 cm long, 6.4 cm wide and 13.6 cm high. They are really convenient and they can be taken everywhere, anytime.

This product has had such great success that we have decided to enlarge our stocks in order to please you all. If you order now, you’ll get 5% off on the blue, yellow, orange, apple green and pink models, which means you’ll get your box at $27.73. For those who prefer more sober colors, you can get 10% off (only $26.27) on the Unit Colors black and red boxes. This offer is available until the 23rd of January 2011.


Friday, January 7th, 2011


What a wonderful time with the sale at CasaBento!

Come and see all your favorite items and their attractive prices. These offers are available until the 12th of January 2011.

Click on the pictures to see the offer on our website.

casabento_sale1 casabento_sale2
casabento_sale3 casabento_sale4
casabento_sale5 casabento_sale6
casabento_sale7 casabento_sale8
casabento_sale9 logo